Dasha Boutique is a San Francisco-based artisan studio whose handmade, customizable jewelry designs currently adorn brides, celebrities and fashion editors all over the world.  


Dasha Boutique artisans employ gemstones of all shapes, sizes and colors, set against sterling or gold chains and backings in order to create feminine, versatile designs that are then tailored to meet the customer’s specific desires. It is one of the only online, handmade jewelry vendors that allows for such customization.  The Boutique avoids retail markups by shipping all of its orders directly to the customer, usually within 5 business days.


Dasha Boutique jewelry is often seen in Lucky, InStyle, People, Bridal Guide, Brides, Glamour and Bazaar among other fashion media. (Visit our Editors Choice page to see specific designs selected by magazine editors.)

Brides awarded Dasha Boutique “Best Personalized Accessories” nationally, and recently, the Ultimate Nominee Bag for the Academy Awards featured Dasha Boutique jewelry. Recipients of this goodie bag included Jennifer Anniston, Geena Davis, Cameron Diaz, Teri Hatcher and Gwenyth Paltrow.