SAN FRANCISCO, CA, -- You’ve rounded up your best friend, your college roommate, Debbie from the cubicle next to you and family prankster cousin Suzy.  You found the perfect dress that you promise they can wear again.  But how do you avoid having a flock of matchy-matchy girls that have no individuality walk down your aisle?  Through their accessories – beautiful handmade jewelry that is personalized to each girl.
By shopping at the online store of Dasha Boutique, a San Francisco-based jewelry studio, each bridesmaid can have the accessories that uniquely flatters her coloring, bone structure or personality.  Necklaces, earrings and bracelets of  semi-precious stones and 18K, sterling silver or gold-filled metals are displayed on the website and all are available to be customized by stone, findings (earring posts), metals or length.  Turn-around time is quick – jewelry can be delivered in 3 business days.
This jewelry is perfect for the bride that selects one fabric and allows each bridesmaid to choose the design of the dress that best suits her figure.  Dasha Boutique can create necklaces or earrings, for example,  that complement each neckline.  Fill a plunge with a longer necklace; offset a sweetheart neckline with some chandelier earrings.

“We’ve worked with so many brides who want to give the jewelry as a gift to each bridesmaid but wanted to be sure it really matched each girl,” explains Creative Director Cathy Pitts. ”

 “We really understand that your wedding is your special day and no bride should have to settle for something that isn’t perfect,” she adds.
A few ways to make your bridesmaids unique are to:
  • Use color creatively – have your jewelry act as a complement to the dress color.  Spark up pastels with deep garnets or amethysts.  Conversely, set off jewel tones like teal and emerald green with the frosty sheen of chalcedony..

  • Be dramatic with black and white – while pearls are the classic bridesmaid accessory. Be more modern by choosing a different type of pearl other than the classic cultured pearl – black dresses highlighted by cascading keishi pearl chandelier earrings or a simple coin pearl necklace.  White-dressed bridesmaids can accentuate themselves with deep black onyx bracelets or luminous moonstones which seem to glow from within.

  • Use different lengths for different necklines -  a big trend in bridesmaid dresses is choosing the fabric but letting each bridesmaid chose the style of her gown.  Use the same idea in jewelry – select one stone and let each bridesmaid choose the necklace or earrings that best accentuate their neckline.  Low cut gowns can handle long length necklaces like a 46” rock crystal and sterling necklace or lariats while higher cut dresses can wear a fresh water pearl choker.  Or skip the necklace all together and just wear a great pair of earrings – citrine briolette earrings have three cascading rings of citrines culminating in a single citrine drop – a showstopper for sure.
“The other customization options we offer include things like choice of metals and findings for the earrings.  If you have bridesmaids that prefer lever backs over ear wires, it’s an easy change for us to make,” advises Cathy Pitts.  “Jewelry is such a wonderful keepsake from being a bridesmaid.  We really enjoy helping brides to make sure it’s absolutely perfect.”
  Dasha Boutique is offering a 20% discount to bridal parties of 5 or more who order the same style.  Just call 415-771-5471 to receive your discount code.
Please visit to view the complete line of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Dasha Boutique prices range from $45 - $275.


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