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December Birthstone Jewelry

Turquoise can range from grey to green to blue and yellows, often veined by the brown matrix with varying textures, and is only found in dry, barren regions. As a far back as 6000 years ago, this stone is one of the oldest to be used by man, for both jewelry and ornamental purposes. Around 5500 BC, the ancient Egyptians found turquoise in the Sinai Peninsula. Around 1900, Queen Zer's tomb was unearthed and she was found wearing a turquoise and gold bracelet around her wrist.

Turquoise is said to bring luck and fortune to the wearer, and a feeling of calmness with its cool color tones, in addition to wisdom, and is often popular in Southwest, Native American, and Egyptian jewelry designs.


Blue Streak.
Cool sterling silver hoops get a summery kick from faceted turquoise drops. This playful pair of earrings features squared, sculptural sterling silver hoops joined together by a single loop. Our handmade earrings will look equally beautiful in the office or on the beach.

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Sterling Hoop & Turquoise Drop Earrings $80


Pure Opulence.
This bold oversized necklace is accented with gemstone nuggets. At 46 inches, this versatile piece can be worn in a number of ways. Let it drape to its full length for a dramatic sweep. Or wrap it once, twice or three times for a layered, multi-strand look.

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Turquoise 46" Long
Necklace $110


Sleeping Beauty.
Multiple strands of large link chains showcase a stunning rich turquoise charm. Two small rondelle Aquamarine stones provide dashes of charm near the braceletís toggle clasp. This elegant and stylish piece looks as beautiful with jeans and a cashmere sweater as it does with a little black dress.

Shop Handmade Turquoise Bracelets

Turquoise & Aquamarine
Chain Bracelet $70