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February Birthstone Jewelry

Amethyst is a purple variety of the quartz family whose name derives from the Greek word "amethustos," or "not to intoxicate." According to Greek myth, Dionysus, the God of Intoxication, became infuriated by an insult and swore revenge on the next person to cross his path. Amethyst, a young maiden, was that person. When she saw the young girl in trouble, Goddess Diana acted quickly to save Amethyst, turning her into a statue of crystalline quartz. Dionysus saw the statue and became overwhelmed with grief, spilling out remorseful tears of wine and thus staining the quartz the familiar purple color we see today.

In the past and still today, Amethyst is used to heal headaches, alleviate sugar imbalances and stabilize negative influences. To many the stone encourages peace of mind by opening of the third "celestial" eye, located in the center of the forehead.


Demure Beauty.
Three sparkling petite gemstone drops dangle from dainty cable chains of different lengths. These swingy earrings capture and reflect light with every movement. Featuring luminous amethyst mini briolettes—or customize with the gemstone of your choice.

Shop Handmade Amethyst Earrings

Garnet Oxidized Round
Hoop Earrings $40


Midnight Dreams.
Amethyst Nuggets mingled with heavy sterling silver rings luminate a warm glow on this handwired necklace.

Shop Handmade Amethyst Necklaces

Garnet Oval Pendant
Necklace $50


Clearly Cool.
Pretty purple amethyst nuggets transform the look of this oxidized sterling link bracelet. This unique accessory has a charmingly earthy-yet-antiquey vibe. Secured with a sleek toggle clasp.

Shop Handmade Amethyst Bracelets

Garnet & Sterling Silver Bracelet $75