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Dasha's Guide to the Perfect Crystal Earrings for Every Occasion

There is a lot we like about crystal. We like its history: it was once believed to be a form of ice, leading to its name "crystallos," which means "frozen." We like its spiritual associations: clear quartz is considered capable of soothing emotions, bringing mental clarity and promoting self-esteem. But most of all, we like its versatility: crystal's clear, water-like color and light-catching facets make it wearable with any material and to any event. Dasha Boutique uses crystal in many of our handmade designs, and now we'll clue you in on which works best for which occasion - all you need to decide is where you're going!

Destination: Vacation

earring 5

Earring: Rock Crystal Thread Hoop Earrings

Whether you're lounging on the beach or sipping hot cocoa in a ski lodge, these sweet drops of rock crystal show you're loving the freedom from everyday life. Pair them with a snuggly sweater or your tiniest bikini and watch the clear gemstone pick up the subtle colors in your outfit.

Destination: Dinner and a Movie

earring 6

Earring: Clear Quartz Crystal Wrapped Earrings

Our handmade crystal wrapped earrings are a shimmery addition to a night out with your husband, parents or best friend forever. Shiny without being showy, they offer a hint of femininity and flare for a casual night with people you love to be comfortable with.

Destination: Black Tie Benefit

earring 4

Earring: Black Diamond & Crystal Mini Hoop Earrings

These elegantly handcrafted gold hoop & crystal earrings with black diamond accents combine three gorgeous elements into an accessory that will do you justice at the most lavish event of the year. Pair them with metallics, classic black, silver or white for a completely stunning ensemble.

Destination: The Supermarket

earrring 3

Earring: Sterling Hoop & Crystal Drop Earrings

These charming handmade crystal hoops make even the most mundane daily experiences a little more glamorous. Since clear is the only color in this accessory, you'll never have to think about what you're wearing or whether it matches.

Destination: The Office

earring 2

Earring: Clear Crystal and Garnet Cluster Earrings

Everybody likes a little color in their day, especially if your day is dominated by gray cubicles and even grayer office banter. These handmade cluster earrings are also available with vesuvianite (green) or iolite (blue) petite gemstone clusters.

Destination: First Date

earring 1

Earring: Clear Quartz & Handmade Textured Round Hoops

This elegant cascade earring is flirty enough to show him the cow, but not so forward as to give him the farm. Use them to dress up your favorite pair of jeans or make a conservative shirt more fun.