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10 Jewelry Ideas for Teens

Ahh, to be a teenager! Gorgeous, innocent, a little bit adventurous and full of personality... these words describe our favorite funky young girls, so why not get them handmade jewelry to match? From Hannah Montana to Hayden Panattiere, young ladies everywhere are showing the world that they have style, and now Dasha Boutique is helping your teen take the reins on her accessory choices. Take a look at some of our suggestions below for gemstone jewelry that's guaranteed to bring out the youth in her eyes, and the appreciation in her smile.

Amethyst Briolette Cascade Earrings

picture 8

Teens get away with jewelry colors that are fun and girly whether or not they perfectly match her outfit, her eyes or her hairstyle. So we say, have fun with color now while she can! These purple amethyst cascade earrings are a gorgeous handmade accessory for youthful earlobes. Customizable to feature other gemstones, including garnet (red), peridot (green) and citrine (yellow).

Garnet Petite Cascade Earrings

picture 7

Teens are on the move, busy with school, sports, a full-time social life and the burdens of growing up. With all the roles she has to fill each day, wouldn't it be nice if she had a signature accessory - like this pair of handcrafted garnet cascade earrings - to help her remember who she is when she looks in the mirror? These gorgeous red gemstones will keep her spirits high and her morals grounded. Also available in other gemstones.

Multi Colored Tourmaline Duster Earrings

picture 6 Tourmaline is a gemstone that truly mimics our favorite teens - ever changing, full of color, spunk and spirit, and versatile as can be. These handmade duster earrings showcase the many sides and hues of tourmaline in a graceful cascade of petite gemstone clusters. Customize the accessories according to metal, ear finding and length for jewelry that is precisely personal.

Clear Quartz Gemstone Cuff Bracelet

picture 5

Teens have a way of mixing the bold and funky with the pure and innocent - a few attributes that get harder and harder to balance with age. To embrace that delicate balance in her jewelry, we've chosen this handmade clear quartz cuff bracelet. The gemstones are oversized and lively enough to attract some attention - while the rounded stones and subtle hues remind her that she is still quite soft around the edges.

Aquamarine Nugget Bracelet

picture 4 Brilliant aquamarine gemstones nestle within an oxidized Sterling Silver chain for a modern-meets-antique contrast teenagers love. This handmade bracelet features an easy, practically indestructible toggle clasp appropriate for her busy and active lifestyle.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Aquamarine Chain Bracelet

picture 3

Multi-link sterling silver chains clink and clatter to her delight in this fun, handcrafted bracelet design. The single turquoise gemstone charm at the clasp, featuring veins of black amidst a gorgeous blue, is a tribute to her unique personality and natural beauty.

Clear Quartz & Amethyst Handmade Pendant Necklace

picture 2

With all teens usually have going on - layered clothes, multiple bags, long hair - this gemstone pendant necklace with a larger link chain is all she really needs to bring a little sparkle into the ensemble. Clear quartz is accented by a faceted amethyst, or choose from a variety of other gemstones, for an accessory that is as pretty and complicated as she is.

Sterling Long Multi Layered Necklace

picture 9 This funky handmade multi-chain link metallic necklace is exactly the kind of accessory teens love - it's shiny, flirtatious and goes with everything. Sterling silver loops link in organic patterns, adding grace to every ensemble.

Garnet Gemstone 36" Lariat

picture 1

This handmade lariat necklace made with sterling silver rope chain and accented with the gemstone of her choice is a fun, personal accessory for your teenager. Teens love the creativity involved in tying this unique necklace design, as well as the additional opportunity for personalization in choosing customizable gemstone accents. Choose her birthstone for an extra personal touch.

Sterling Metallic & Labradorite Ring

picture 10 This funky triple wrap ring is an adorable piece of finger candy for the teenager who loves to sparkle. Also available in sterling silver, with her choice of gemstone accent.