Holiday Shopping – Get a Leg Up With Our Jewelry Guide        


Wouldn't it be nice if Santa's helpers were around for you, too? Well hold on there, Grinch, because it turns out there's an easy solution to holiday shopping that will put those elves and their wooden trinkets to shame. Check out our jewelry suggestions below for a comprehensive gift list for all the women – naughty or nice – on your list this year.


Mom – Gemstone Charm Bracelet

For Mommy Dearest we've selected a classic style with a modern edge. Pick a straightforward color combo to match any outfit. The slight jangle will remind her of you when she wears it; and the reflection of today's trends will provide an additional gift of youth (for free).


Sis – Cascading Tassel Earrings

When it comes to sisters, we know the best gift is something you'll want to borrow. These trendy, elegant earrings will add a little pizzaz to any weekend outfit, conservative holiday suit or cocktail dress. We suggest gold or bronze, in keeping with seasonal colors, but sterling silver works too.


Friend – Gemstone Lariat Necklace

It's up to friends to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, and that includes buying fun, beautiful jewelry you've only seen on celebrities so far. The Lariat necklace, which has no clasp and can therefore be worn in a number of different styles, is a feminine, trendy way to glam up her favorite drop-neck number. Pick one with her birthstone and your job is practically done for you.


Daughter – Pearl Necklace

These days, pearls don't have to be worn with a polo shirt and poodle skirt, though we're sure you'd like to see her dress so conservatively. Show your little girl how hip you are by selecting from any number of freshwater, pink, kieshi or coin pearl necklaces. We guarantee that though they may look different than grandma's, these styles are still the epitome of innocence.


Wife – Labrodite Ring

No matter how many years it's been since you put that first ring on her finger, we promise she'll appreciate the chance to decorate another knuckle. This wrap-around style ring is a fun alternative to a standard band, and is much more "now," so to speak.


Girlfriend – Birthstone Cuff Bracelet

Show her how much you care by doing a little research (not much, we promise!) before purchasing your gift this year. Cuff bracelets can be made with any gemstone, so go online and figure out which stone correlates with her birth month and make your decision that way. While you're at it, print out the research you find on the history of the stone. She'll be touched by the sentimentality, not to mention the effort.