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January Birthstone Jewelry

Traditional garnet exhibits deep rich red to brownish-red tones. The incredible beauty of garnet however comes in a variety of colors, including yellowish-green, pinkish-orange, and purple, and all the hues in between. Rhodolite Garnets are the most valuable of the red garnet types, with stunning deep purplish-red tones. Grossular Garnet is genuinely light to dark yellow to reddish-orange and sometimes clear. Hessonite garnet is a type of grossular garnet that displays yellow and reddish-orange colors.

The name garnet is derived from Latin meaning grain or seed, as the tiny crystals were thought to resemble seeds from the pomegranate. The majority of garnets come from sources in Africa, where the fines green garnets (called Tsavorites) command prices comparative to the precious Emerald. Other mine sources include Central Europe, Russia and Brazil.


A Classical Twist.
We put a new spin on our classic gemstone and hoop earrings. A glistening drop of wire-wrapped garnet dangles within a circle of textured and twisted sterling silver. These versatile earrings will make a stylish-yet-practical addition to your jewelry collection. Also available in 14kt goldfill.

Shop Handmade Garnet Earrings

Garnet Oxidized Round
Hoop Earrings $40


Ecclectic and Opulent.
Our ultra chic pendant features a perfect drop of crimson garnet suspended from a hammered gold oval. The shimmering 14k gold-fill rope chain adds another dose of texture. Looks luminous against the skin.

Shop Handmade Garnet Necklaces

Garnet Oval Pendant
Necklace $50


Pure Enchantment.
A beautiful way to artfully adorn your wrist. Our sweet and delicate bracelet tantalizes with electric red Garnet and makes an impact with hammered and smooth sterling silver squared links.

Shop Handmade Garnet Bracelets

Garnet & Sterling Silver Bracelet $75