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5 Jewelry Designs to Match the Spring 2008 Trends

We're seeing colorful catwalks this year as designers parade a host of tropical tones, pastels and Technicolor hues in their Spring 2008 fashion lines. Mixed in with this taste of paradise are more tributes to the surreal – high, 1970's-era waists, metallic movie-star fabrics, house dresses and transparent layers. Fashion-savvy ladies know the key to making these erstwhile styles current are unique accessories and a modern attitude. Read on to find out which customizable, handmade jewelry designs we've selected to help you stay ahead of the trends.

1.   ankle-length skirts & house dresses
2.   high waist/70's
3.   glitz & glamour
4.   Patterns
5.   Black & White

Ankle-Length Skirts & House Dresses

Vera Wang Spring 2008 Collection

Catwalks this year are full of long, loose fitting a-line skirts and house dresses that cry out for gemstones and equally fun jewelry. To keep the Bohemian look fresh, choose equally long and flowing handmade jewelry by selecting from Dasha Boutique's collection of Long Necklaces, Large Hoop Earrings and Multi-Strand Bracelets.


In particular, we love this Garnet & Textured Oval Chain 38" Long Necklace. Choose from additional gemstone options including citrine, amethyst, clear quartz and smokey topaz to stay in line with the season's color trends. Wrap the chain a couple times for a layered look – also very popular this year – or let it hang loose and long like your clothes.

High, '70s era Waists

Phillip Lim Pleated Blouse & High Waist Pants at Neiman Marcus

We knew we'd see this eventually, what with the world having grown tired of exposed buttcracks and thongstraps everywhere we turn. Halleluiah, the high, 1970s waist is back! Designers are parading high-cut pants, shorts, skirts and narrow belts to accentuate petite waists and feminine curves. So get going with those lower-ab crunches ladies, and make an investment in retro handmade jewelry designs that will both complement the look and take a little attention off that lower belly region…

Dasha Boutique recommends chandelier earrings, long hoops, single strand gemstone necklaces, and charm bracelets.


Circle pendant necklaces, like this one featuring a Labradorite chain, create a perfectly stylish mix of metal, gemstone and design. This particular necklace is adjustable, allowing for you to work with the new, fashion-savvy center of balance in your wardrobe.

Glitz & Glamour

Balmain Spring 2008 Collection

Catwalks were shining this year with an emphasis on sequins, gold and silver fabrics, and shimmering vinyl. Take your spring wardrobe to the next level of fashion fun with handmade metallic jewelry featuring gold, sterling silver, brushed vermeil and goldfill to match these styles.

Dasha Boutique recommends metallic necklaces, metallic earrings, cuff bracelets and metallic rings.


This Gold Metallic & Labradorite Ring is a subtle way to add the season's most flashy style to your ensemble – or it makes for an accessory that does not overwhelm an already metallic-heavy outfit. The handmade ring is completely customizable, allowing for substitution of  the small gold nuggets shown here with sterling silver. Gemstone options include Labradorite (shown) as well as Garnet and Black Onyx.


Marimekko Patterns at H&M

Colorful, patterned materials like this Marimekko Pattern collection at H&M are hot this spring – and you will be too, if you wear them right and add some fun accessories. Look for handmade jewelry featuring one particular gemstone, rather than a mix, to bring out the subtle colors in the patterns.

Dasha Boutique recommends single strand necklaces, single strand bracelets, cascading earrings and long hoop earrings.


These handmade Carnelian Layered Cascade Hoop Earrings showcase a striking gemstone cascade within textured metallic hoops. Customize the earrings by choosing a gemstone that matches one of the colors in your patterns for an all-around colorful and tied-together Spring ensemble.

Black & White

Gucci 2008 Spring Collection

Despite the trend towards pastels, nudes and vibrants, there was a strong black & white combo theme this year at the Spring 2008 fashion shows. Dasha Boutique has echoed that in our selection of handmade jewelry designs featuring Black Onyx, freshwater and keishi pearls, quartz and raw diamonds. Shop By Color, Shop By Gemstone or use the search function to see our entire collection of handmade black and white jewelry.


These handmade Black Onyx & Pearl Cluster Earrings feature Sterling Silver, freshwater pearls and faceted gemstones for contrast that is entirely sparkly, gorgeous and flattering. Pair them with our artisan crafted Black Onyx Oval Pendant Necklace for a complete set of startlingly stylish sophistication.