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November Birthstone Jewelry

Citrine is a form of quartz with deep, translucent golden, brown, orange and yellow shades. The gemstone name comes from the French word for lemon, "citron." People have used quartz in jewelry for centuries. The ancient Greeks carved rock crystal (clear/colorless quartz) for ornaments and decorations, and the Egyptians used them for talismans. The purple variety, amethyst, was used in jewelry for royalty and nobility. This gem is all around us, from the gems used and set in jewelry, to tiny particles at the beach, sparkling in the sun.

Quartz is believed to be good for expressing and soothing emotions, bringing mental clarity, calmness, balance, luck, and promoting self-esteem. Sometimes referred to as the "Stone of Wealth," Citrine helps encourage prosperity. Citrine is primarily mined in Brazil.


Smokey Cluster.
Glistening facets and luminescent tones make this elegant earring as fascinating as an afternoon thunderstorm. Smokey gray clusters of labradorite provide a colorful play of light against sunny, Brazilian citrine.

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Clustered Labradorite & Citrine Earrings $45


A handmade necklace showcases a deep Citrine drop accented by a smaller faceted Hessontite Garnet. The sterling silver chain can easily be adjusted to make the necklace longer or shorter—the choice is yours.

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Link Citrine & Hessonite Garnet Necklace $85


Mellow Yellow.
Brighten your day with sunny drops of citrine. Our fabulous bracelet brings together two stunning strands of the flaxen-hued gemstone. A toggle closure completes the circle.

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Citrine Double Strand Bracelet $125