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The Top 10 Colors for Spring - and Jewelry To Match!

Pantone Fashion Report has nominated a host of tropical, pastel and vibrant colors for this spring's fashion. What we love about this is the fact that gemstones are as varied and versatile as the season's fashion designers. We've created artisan jewelry with this palette - as well as the season's latest jewelry trends - in mind to help you keep your neck, wrists and earlobes just as fashionable as that hot little printed number you've got your eye on. See our favorite picks below, or Shop By Color now.

Golden Olive
Green is associated with birth, health and nature and is therefore an obvious choice for one's spring ensemble. The Golden Olive hue that designers focused on this year is one of those retro colors seen so often in the back of your mother's closet and in Brady Bunch reruns. Low and behold, there are also a number of gemstones that boast Golden Olive tones - namely, Jade, Peridot, Citrine, Lime Chalcedony, Prehnite and Vesuvianite.

The key to wearing golden olive handmade jewelry is to use the color wisely. Use big with patterns that feature bits of golden olive (fyi: patterns are also big this year), as with this Vesuvianite Drop Necklace, right.

picture 18


Vesuvianite Drop Necklace

picture 19

Or, if you plan to stroll the boardwalk in a dress that is all Golden Olive, from the neck to the ankles, it would be wise to provide a little contrast with a lighter stone, as with these Peridot & Citrine Wrap Hoop Earrings, left.

Peridot & Citrine Wrap Hoop Earrings

Stay ahead of the trends by dressing up your little black dress with this Prehnite Faceted Teardrops Bracelet, right.

picture 17


Prehnite Faceted Teardrops Bracelet

Spring Crocus
Just by virtue of its name, Spring Crocus is an apt addition to next season's color palette. The purplish hue is lively, flirty and a little bit nostalgic for those of us who remember that it was our favorite color (purple Jellies, anyone?) Dasha Boutique's handmade jewelry features stones like amethyst, fluorite, ametrine and iolite to help you get into the purple mood and to complement your brand new purple A-line.

picture 16

Play around with this Amethyst Gemstone 36“ Lariat, right, for an accessory that can be worn everywhere from the flower shop to the Ritz. Wrap it multiple times for a casual look, or wear it long for a more graceful and elegant addition to the ensemble.

Ametyst Gemstone 36" Lariat

These handmade Amethyst Teardrop Duster earrings play up the femininity of Spring Crocus. The precise cuts of the petite gemstones reflect the spring sun for a look that has you beaming, too.

picture 15


Amethyst Teardrop Duster Earrings

Rococco Red
Rococco is the kind of red you want to wear to the Caribbean…and to the bar…and to the local grocery store. This girly, spicy tone has earned a spot on the spring fashion palette and multiple spots on our necks, ears and wrists just by virtue of the fact that is fun. Dasha Boutique handmade jewelry incorporates this fun color into all of our current designs using garnet, ruby and coral gemstones.

picture 14

The string of rose quartz adds sophistication and glamour to this Ruby and Rose Quartz Layered Pendant Necklace, left. Wear it with your Rococco Red skirt, a Pink Mist scoop neck or Silver Gray top for a stunning addition of color and a subtle tribute to the fashion gods.

Garnet Layered Tassel Necklace

Tassels are in this season and they look even better with a garnish of garnet, as in this handcrafted Garnet Layered Tassel Necklace, right. This elegant evening accessory goes great with a deep v-neck or loose flowing top.

picture 13


Ruby & Rose Quartz Layered Necklace

picture 12

These handmade Ruby Teardrop Mini Hoop Earrings, left, are a sweet and simple way to incorporate Red Rococco into your outfit. Wear them by the pool or by the pool bar for a ladylike splash of color.

Ruby Teardrop Mini Hoop Earrings

Pink Mist
Pink Mist is one of those colors that looks good on everyone in the summer because it brings out rosy cheeks, fresh tans and freckles. That goes doubly for Pink Mist gemstone jewelry, Dasha Boutique artisans have designed with all of the latest and greatest design trends.

picture 11

Check out this Rose Quartz & Double Strand Sterling Silver necklace, whose bold pendant gemstone is offset by the delicacy of two interlacing chains.

Rose Quartz & Double Strand Sterling Necklace

Wear these handmade Rose Quartz Hammered Hoop Earrings day or night, with or without Pink Mist clothing as they go with anything and serve only to bring out the sparkle in your eye and the girl in your heart. The unusual shape of these gemstones complements a similarly naturally hammered hoop for an earthy accessory.

picture 10


Rose Quartz Hammered Hoop Earrings

Our favorite pastry has now been recognized as a fashionable color! Aside from letting the buttery flakes crumble all over your clothes, Dasha Boutique has a few suggestions on how to make this pale brown tone a staple part of your ensemble. We've incorporated citrine, hessonite garnet and smokey quartz gemstones into our handmade jewelry for styles that are catwalk-ready.

picture 9

These Smokey Topaz & Pearl Cluster Hoop Earrings, left, are a gorgeous and subtle way to add glamour to your understated Croissant ensemble. These stones truly bring out the gorgeous aspects of this color - transforming it from a casual morning meal to a sophisticated evening accessory.

Smokey Topaz & Pearl Cluster Hoop Earrings

This Circle Pendant & Citrine Necklace, right, brings all of the up-and-coming trends together by uniting the season's colors with an overall theme of earthly elements and metallic luster.

picture 8


Circle Pendant & Citrine Necklcae

Freesia is one of the most common colors seen on the catwalk this year and for good reason - it's fun, it's warm and it pops. Draw attention to this color in prints, belts and shoes by dressing up your lobes, necks and wrists with Freesia colored handmade gemstone jewelry.

picture 7

These Cognac Mini Oval Hoop earrings are a feminine and subtle tribute to the season's boldest color with their translucent yellow tones. Hoops - in new and daring styles - are huge this season, making these ovals a perfectly trendy addition to your spring jewelry box.

Cognac Mini Oval Hoop Earrings

Cantaloupe is another welcome part of this season's tropical and food-oriented fashion wardrobe. This warm, pinkish-orange hue embodies everything wonderful about the freedom of springtime, when flowers blossom, hearts are full and fruits are plenty. Dasha Boutique is happily along the ride with our collection of handmade coral, carnelian

picture 20

These Red Coral & Freshwater Pearl Wrap Hoop Earrings, left, will make you feel like you're at the beach, even if you're landlocked and loving life elsewhere. Incorporating both fashionable colors, a trendy design and earthy - or marine - elements, these hoops are the epitome of spring fashion designs.

Red Coral & Freshwater Pearl Wrap Hoop Earrings

Dasha Boutique's handmade Carnelian Hammered Hoop Earrings, right, are a truly succulent way to dress up your earlobes with cantaloupe this season.

picture 6


Carnelian & Hammered Hoop Earrings

picture 5

This handmade Carnelian Circle Pendant Necklace, left, is a bold way to incorporate the season's color into an evening or office ensemble. Gorgeous carnelian gemstones contrast beautifully with black, blue or white, leaving your options open for an equally stunning dress or suit.

Carnelian Circle Pendant Necklace

Daiquiri Green
Daiquiri green just invites us to sit on the veranda drinking cocktails, but we wouldn't do so without truly gorgeous and fashionable accessories to match. Check out our favorite light green gemstone styles below, or search for designs in prehnite, peridot and emerald.

picture 4

This Peridot & Sterling Rounds Bracelet is a fun twist on the charm bracelet style with a metal-meets-grass union of earthly elements. Wear it casually with a t-shirt or wear it as a set with equally gorgeous peridot earrings or a necklace.

Peridot & Sterling Rounds Bracelet

This handmade Peridot 46" Drape Necklace recalls flower petals and other earthly blooms with its seemingly random scatter of petite gemstones along a wrappable chain. Wear it long to mirror flowing skirts and dresses, or wrap it multiple times for a tight, clustered and put-together look.

picture 3


Peridot 46" Drape Necklace

Snorkel Blue
Snorkel blue is one of the most vibrant colors on the palette this year and we love how it brings out blue eyes, blond highlights and fun toenail polish. Use turquoise, apatite and sapphire stones to make subtle patterns pop, or as a contrast with the warmer, lighter colors in an outfit.

picture 2

Drape this handmade Turquoise & Smokey Topaz Pendant Necklace around your neck for a casual tribute to the ocean, the sky and an evening of mystery. The wide chain makes for a casual accessory that can be worn to the bar or to a baseball game.

Turquoise & Smokey Topaz Pendant Necklace

These Apatite Layered Cascade Hoop Earrings add luxurious movement and fashionable glamour to your evening ensemble. Wear them with exposed shoulders or an elegant updo to maximize exposure and draw more attention to your healthy skin and clear blue eyes.

picture 21


Apatite Layered Cascade Hoop Earrings

Silver Gray
Silver Gray is a lighter, cooler color that does wonders to bring illuminate light eyes and icy springtime glamour. Pair it with blacks, blues and purples for an overall cool and exquisite ensemble; or contrast daytime pinks for a fancy cocktail-hour mix.

picture 22

This handmade layered Blue Agate & Sterling Necklace, left, isolates the Silver Gray gemstone to bring out its truly unique opaque luster. The double layer chain is a trendy design and allows for a bit of Sterling Silver shimmer.

Blue Agate & Sterling Necklace

Multi-faceted Labradorite gemstones reflect an understated array of gray hues in this Labradorite & Textured Ovals Bracelet. Textured ovals are a glamorous and natural twist on Sterling Silver, adding just a bit more shine and groove for your spring ensemble.

picture 1


Labradorite & Textured Ovals Bracelet