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Wedding Jewelry: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping it Simple


If you're like most brides, by the time you walk down the aisle that wedding dress of yours will have hung in the closet for nearly a year; you will have looked at and admired it upwards of a million times; and nothing – not even your adorable niece-turned-flower girl – is going to distract from it on the big day. That makes choosing jewelry kind of a catch-22.  How can a bride pick jewelry that complements her dress, her hair, her glowing smile, without distracting from all of the above? Cathy Pitts, founder of Dasha Boutique, shares her secrets.


  1. Go for the Gold

Gold is a timeless metal and therefore not a distracting one. Be it a necklace chain, earring dangle or bracelet clasp, gold communicates quality and class, but nothing more. Additionally, gold catches less glare than sterling silver in photos and will not stand out against any skin tone. Try "goldfill" for a high quality, less pricey option.


  1. A Fine Balance

String small gemstones or pearls evenly around a delicate chain to create a look that is feminine and flattering. As opposed to a pendant necklace, this design spreads visual attention around the neckline, making it easy for onlookers to appreciate without stalling their gazes.


  1. Keep Necklaces Short

There is nothing more distracting than a shiny piece of jewelry dangling precariously into cleavage. Not only will a short necklace move around less while you say your vows, you can bet that any time it catches the light, fewer eyes will be on it – and more likely to move – when the backdrop is not your chest. Try a pearl choker, which will easily redirect the attention to your face.


  1. Get Your Bracelet Fitted

Think of your wedding as equivalent to running a marathon or swimming across the English Channel and you'll start to understand why ill-fitting jewelry does not make sense. Buy your jewelry from a designer who can customize the piece to fit you perfectly and you'll have a bracelet that sits on your wrist and stays there.  


  1. Your Lobes Should Reflect You

Earrings are allowed a bit more leeway because of their strategic position near your face. So if a pair of cascading citrine stones is a little bit flashier than you would wear to, say, church, then don't fret. Pick the earring style that best complements the shape of your face and the style of your hair and you're guaranteed to love the pictures – not to mention the praise.


  1. Remember You Are Adding A Ring

We're quite sure this could have gone unsaid, but it's better safe than sorry. If you just can't stand the idea of naked fingers on your right hand, we suggest choosing a fashionable piece, like a coiling metal ring, that does not include any kind of stone on top.


  1. Try It On

Remember that keeping jewelry simple is as much about letting you focus as it is about anyone else. Try your jewelry on – all of it – with a comparable hair style, sleeve length and neckline and wear the whole ensemble around your house for a couple of hours. This should give you some insight into whether things need to be tightened, loosened, otherwise adjusted or replaced before you're standing at the alter trying desperately to untangle your earring from your necklace.


  1. Add Color Cautiously

A small amount of color – such as tiny garnets alternating with pearls in your necklace, or a cluster of turquoise beads on your earrings – can go a long way to bring out the color of your bouquet, the bridesmaid dresses or another subtle theme in your ceremony.